What I do
Through my background in graphic design, brand management and marketing, I offer the best of both worlds: creative ideas backed by practical commercial acumen.

I offer a different perspective on brand identity and visual communications. Most designers come solely from a creative background. And while this is useful for creating logos and marketing collateral, it lacks the business mindset that I bring.

I bring both an aesthetic design focus and a practical, quantitative mindset which adds value to a business's bottom line.

- Art direction
- Customer literature (brochures, newsletters)
- Advertising (press ads, online banner ads)
- Stationery design (business cards)
- Field marketing (exhibition design, banners)

- Digital and offline illustration

- Brand strategy and positioning (research, development and implementation)
- Brand identity creation
- Brand management and communication
- Creative direction

- Marketing strategy
- Marketing communications strategy
- Content strategy
- Social media